It is difficult to imagine a future where we will become defenders and custodians of the natural world against the dying throes of capitalism without developing a deeper relationship with nature and its wild and ferocious beauty.

Having bought the narrative that excess and comfort are sufficient to bring what we loosely define as happiness, many are waking up to the reality that those excesses have come at a severe cost to our fellow man in distant shores, as well as to the ecosystem upon which we depend. Along with this realisation has come a feeling of unfulfilment, despite our success in the name of progress.

Rewilding is the process of understanding the deception, the period of reflection, and the real life attempts to invite the wild man and woman out from inside of us in order that it may be nourished, by wild food, by gathering at the fire, by going back out to the wild places, and by exposing ourselves to the discomforts and realities of un(air)conditioned nature.


We run rewilding workshops with primary schools.

Starting last year we began going out to primary and secondary schools and introducing them to the wild plants, medicines, trees and 'weeds' in their own locality so as to begin this process in earnest.

Sharing food and taking part in ritual that honors their relationship with nature are key aspects of the experience.

We also work with the teachers and introduce ideas to them that they may bring into the classroom themselves.

We hosted our first School Tour last year.

Sixth class school tours present the perfect opportunity to mark the transition the boys and girls are going through at this time.

We play, we forage, we build, we nourish our bodies with good food but we also take the opportunity to mark the transition that is underway, to celebrate and integrate the previous 8 years of primary school, the teachers they've worked with, the friends they've made, while also looking forward to secondary school, inviting them to consider how they would like to show up for themselves in this new environment.

In this sweet spot in the middle we celebrate the transition by calling in their guides and their allies to support them.


The essence of our retreats with Wild Irish Retreats is learning the language through the process of rewilding.

For more info on retreats, you'll find all you need to know at


In a post lockdown world meaningful gathering of co workers has become more necessary and more valuable than ever.

We are bringing groups and teams in to nature, in to surroundings that are beautiful, that are challenging but most importantly that are real.

Out of the office and out of their sense of themselves within the confines of the roles they occupy. Within the confines of how they are seen. It is an invite to connect, but also to expand. To bring more parts of their character to the table, to be seen and valued more fully than previously done.

The way we work has changed forever, but the connection central to the experience of work has gone nowhere. We all share a fundamental need to be seen, to be valued and to be recognised as part of our working life. But not valued just for things we bring to the office, but for our totality, for the fullness of our characters.

We want to work with companies that share our values while in return we offer a chance to step outside the normal office experience in order to facilitate a greater connection to themselves, to each other and to the values of the company.

But if it is flow you seek, the wellbeing of your staff on all levels in and outside of the office, if you are willing to reconsider your tightly held vision in good faith that if more of the team is seen, if they are more fully valued for the wide array of gifts they may have, gifts that can only be seen in a changed setting, they may guide the organisation in ways that previously would seem impossible. If this is the bold direction you would like to go, off the safety of the footpath, feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you in this endeavor.