In a post lockdown world meaningful gathering of co workers has become more necessary and more valuable than ever.

We are bringing groups and teams in to nature, in to surroundings that are beautiful, that are challenging but most importantly that are real.

Out of the office and out of their sense of themselves within the confines of the roles they occupy. Within the confines of how they are seen. It is an invite to connect, but also to expand. To bring more parts of their character to the table, to be seen and valued more fully than is possible in the confines of the office.

The way we work has changed forever, but the connection central to the experience of work has gone nowhere. We all share a fundamental need to be seen, to be valued and to be recognised as part of our working life. But not valued just for things we bring to the office, but for our totality, for the fullness of our characters.

We want to work with companies that share our values while in return we offer a chance to step outside the normal office experience in order to facilitate a greater connection to themselves, to each other and to the values of the company.

If it is flow you seek, the well-being of your staff on all levels in and outside of the office, if you are willing to reconsider your tightly held vision in good faith that if more of the team is seen, if they are more fully valued for the wide array of gifts they may have, gifts that can only be seen in a changed setting, they may guide the organisation in ways that previously would seem impossible. If this is the bold direction you would like to go, off the safety of the footpath, feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you in this endeavor.


I ndáiríre, níor chuala mé aiscothú chomh dearfach riamh faoi aon cuairteoir go dtí scoil ina raibh mé....yhey said..."nobody ever talks like that with us, like really talk to us...". I mo thuairim, bhí sé an beart obair is tabhachtaí a rinneadar i mbliana... orthu fhéin'.

David Geaney - Laurel Hill T.Y. Coord.inator

'To be honest, I feel sorry for anyone in the club here that haven't been exposed to what you are saying, it is exactly what we need and it has inspired our senior team to look outside of itself and impact not just the club, but the whole community'.

Conor - Castlemagner GAA club

'This is not a retreat, it's an Advance, this is an Awakening, this is Progress, but real progress where you open yourself up again to life, to living'.

.Journalist Diarmuid O' Flynn on Wild Irish Retreat

..'It takes a certain kind of a man to host twenty men and have them roaring laughing, roaring playing, roaring honest. An altogether different kind of 'stag'- closer to the actual meaning or symbol of it than we might think of these days. A stag is an endurer, a graceful, instinctive, virile, experienced, noble kind of leader. This one man has to be many men in one man. I suppose that's the magic of Diarmuid Lyng and his work. I'll always be delighted that I picked up the phone and said to Diarmuid- can I bring twenty men down to you, to west Kerry, so we can celebrate our friend in the good, strong, light, sincere way, that this good, strong, light sincere stag is deserving of. Come on down to me, he said. And, Jesus, what a time we had'.

Patrick O Laoighre, Musician